Publications & Resources


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Book Chapters

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Clients, Programs and Resources
Baypath University, Springfield, MA.

  • Critical Conversations – three year program to train facilitators to conduct these
    conversations with faculty and staff. His program is a combination of education
    and training. The educational component involves discussion of the many
    marginalized groups, the history of marginalization and privilege and the personal
    narratives of the participants. Skill development includes active listening and
    group facilitation.
  • Unconscious Bias – a two hour program that included all members of the
    administrative and student affairs staff. Program elements include mindfulness of
    physical reactions, learning to disengage from disruptive emotions and practicing
    appropriate responses that lead to the solution of problems.
  • Unconscious Bias for Executive Cabinet – Three hour program with the executive
    staff of the university which included all the skills mentioned above and a
    discussion of policies and procedures that disadvantage marginalized students.
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), 
    Windham/Willimantic Chapter
  • Why Do We Still Need Black History Month? – Panel presentation for high
    school students, including a power-point of historical, cultural and personal
    information to engage students.
  • Facilitation of Community Conversations about African American Films- Film
    series conducted in Eastern Connecticut for residents, designed to open dialogue
    about racial issues Film subjects included Thurgood Marshall, Emmet Till and
    James Baldwin.
  • History of Enslaved People in Eastern Connecticut – panel participant on this
    topic with focus on local, historical events including the work of Prudence
    Crandall. Presented to the residents of Scotland, CT as part of their effort to
    overcome community racist history.
  • Our Multicultural Selves – facilitator for a program that involved students from
    high schools, early college, technical schools and community college. The
    emphasis was on personal history, experience of marginalization and dialogue.
    Taking a Knee for Justice – interactive high school program on the protests in the
    NFL, their understanding of justice and their ability to relate to the issues which
    the NFL protests have raised.
  • The Price of a Ticket – panel presentation at Quinebaug Valley Community
    College about the James Baldwin video of the same name.

Academic Presentations,
conducted on behalf of Learning with Mind and Heart

  • Creating Inclusive Classrooms- A program that includes brain-based learning,
    cultural learning styles, incorporating self-authorship in the learning process.
    Presented to faculty at Stonehill College, Easton, MA; Community college faculty
    members at a statewide conference, NVCC, Waterbury, CT; American
    International College, Springfield, MA; Tufts University, Medford, MA and
    Southern Utah University, Cedar Grove, UT ( as part of a campus consultancy
    and professional development conference).
  • Diversity Dialogues conducted at Central Connecticut State University,
    Manchester Community College and Quinebaug Valley Community College to
    help students learn how to talk about race and cultural difference.
  • Learning to Welcome the Other – training for the President’s cabinet at QVCC,
    and residence hall staff at CCSU.
  • Supervising Across Cultural Differences for the Latino Knowledge Community of
    NASPA; also conducted for the faculty and administrative staff at Eastern
    Connecticut State University.


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