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Conversations, not arguments: A holiday tutorial

More holiday gatherings are coming, either in person or virtually. Learn a couple of techniques to use in difficult conversations so that people listen to each other even when they disagree. Time to move past either/or thinking. Dr. Jane Fried is the facilitator. Program Date and Time: December 22, 12-1 PM EST To register please […]


Student Affairs on Line in a post COVID World

We need a lot of imagination right now. This is an open discussion for student affairs professionals who want to discuss their current work environment, new ways of working in this era and what they think our profession should be doing in the next phase of higher education. People with all levels of responsibility working […]


Racism and White Privilege: Why Should White People Care?

The word “racism” has been used a lot in conversations lately, but we can’t be sure if anybody knows what anybody else means when they use the term. Calling a person racist is a slur. Racism is not personal. It is an invisible system of oppression that is much bigger than any individual. Some people […]