Under rocks
And deep in caves
Dark terror and
Dark terrorists ( who often appear pale and white),
Stalked by their own shadows
Of fear that blossoms into hate
Killing outside what
Cannot be killed inside
Without killing yourself.
Emerging from the darkness
Beckoned by blazing anger
Pathology of blame and blindness
No insight, no sight at all.
Just slogans, separation and disconnection,
Assaulting what we have in common,
Destroying our human connection.

There are always psychopaths,
Rising up, flailing,
Othering , Killing,
Throwing gas on the fires of resentment and jealousy
that never go out.
Our particular psychopaths
Call themselves white and Christian ( may they be forgiven for turning love into hate),
Psychopaths nonetheless
Variations on a universal theme.
Our particular caves and rocks
Called slavery and racism,
Human owning humans,
Trying to make property
Out of humans from another place.
If all blood flows red, when will we learn to extinguish the fire
And, in coolness and compassion, see only the light?

Jane Fried
With thanks to Amanda Gorman